Chronic Low Back Pain

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People who suffer from chronic low back pain can have many different levels of difficulty and various different types of symptoms. They may have problems doing daily activities such as cleaning, picking up their kids and even walking. Such pain is the most major reason that today’s population checks in with orthopedic surgeons and also neurosurgeons as well. Only 5-10% of visits to a family care physician have to deal with back pain. Patients become frustrated with their back pain. Patients also become frustrated with their physician.  Orlando ChiropracticOften, the doctors don’t have the perfect solution besides pumping them full of drugs. The doctors also become frustrated because they, in fact, don’t have the solution of the proper treatment plan to help their patients.

Chiropractors have many patients that have such pain. Chiropractors are nerve specialists and focus on getting the body better from the inside out. Our spinal column contains our spinal cord which makes  Back Pain Chiropractor Orlando up the nervous system that supplies function to every part of the body. Every organ, tissue, muscle is functioning due to nervous flow. If the bones in the spine are misaligned, or subluxated, there can be an impairment of the nerve flow.

Chiropractors use their hands and other instruments to correct the spine and the body, therefore improving nerve flow. Chiropractors may also use different therapeutic modalities for their patients. These can range from ultrasound to e-stim and the chiropractors may also encourage their patients to start doing different stretches and exercises to help relieve their back pain. Chiropractors don’t use drugs and instead focus on letting the body heal itself from the inside out. Adjustments from the chiropractor, along with e-stim, ultrasound and other therapies will improve the patient’s health. Visit your local chiropractor in Schaumburg to see what they can do for you.

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