How Legalization Changed Humboldt County Marijuana

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Even though marijuana is not typically as addictive as other substances, it is possible that you may still become dependent on it. Make sure that you followed the advice of a trained medical professional. Citalopram is a common medication used to help individuals who suffer from depression. CBD oil has been shown to increase the frequency of side effects related to citalopram including dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and trouble focusing or concentrating. As usual, anyone who is interested in taking CBD oil must consult with a doctor first.

Growers arrested during raids are often undocumented immigrants in their 20s from Michoacan, experienced in covert agriculture and hard living. They earn around $150 a day for two to four months, much more than they would at a farm or winery. A California company and the government can’t seem to agree on what the law says about H-1B. PerfectVIPs chief executive officer Namrata Patnaik, 42, and human resources manager Kartiki Parekh, 56, have been accused of conspiracy to commit visa fraud.

Their credibility within the industry is largely due to the well thought out nature of their products. Mendo Mulcher offers both 2-piece and 4 piece-grinders that are entirely made in the United States. With a full lifetime warranty, the company guarantees a no loss of pollen or material with an easy to clean design. Mendo Mulcher grinders proudly boast double the amount of teeth in their grinder than any other on the current market. With a sturdy aluminum build in every one of their products, Mendo Mulcher offers a reliable and long-lasting product to get the best mulch possible. People vaping hash has exploded because of the many different types of cannabis extracts that have been created, and they’ve become a replacement for weed with many of them.

If you add a lot of salt, you can’t take it out,” Browner said. Even more ominously, a bill introduced in the House in January proposes to completely eliminate the law enforcement functions of the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management and turn those duties over to the states. And some members of Congress have been pushing to entirely de-fund the Drug Enforcement Administration’s marijuana eradication program, whose budget has already dropped from $18 million to $14 million.

In the meantime, patients wishing to legally purchase pot must first obtain a medical marijuana card. Our California Medical Marijuana Card section provides in-depth information on how the process of getting a card works. One of the more interesting facts about California medical marijuana laws is that parolees and people on probation may be able to use medicinal cannabis in some instances as long as a judge allows it. Another interesting fact is that some airports are relatively lenient regarding medicinal weed, while others are extremely strict. It is illegal to travel across any state border with medical cannabis.

In the aftermath of the law’s passage, the state announced a regulatory loophole that has allowed single entities to acquire as many small-scale licenses as they want. The law also mandated an industry of middlemen; cannabis farmers could no longer sell their own product directly to medical collectives or to retail outlets, and, instead, had to work with a licensed distribution company. Pesticides are showing up on both leaves and buds at trespass grows, Gabriel says, and they appear at detectable levels when the plant is smoked. If any of this harvest makes its way to a medical dispensary, it could end up in the lungs of people who are already immuno-compromised from AIDS or cancer.

Several new startups are venturing into R&D, cannabis testing, and manufacturing. In Canada, many provinces are looking forward to the privatization of cannabis retail stores. Many provinces that chose a single supplier are now inviting applications from multiple suppliers.

New Research Shows Why Older People Struggle To Remember Their Past

While merchants may claim that their THC or CBD products are all safe, make sure they have third-party test results to back up their claims. Many cannabis users can tell whether or not they’ll appreciate their pot merely by smelling it. The reason for this is that our sense of smell and our sense of taste are intertwined. We look for the first flavor and what’s left behind once the product lands on the tongue.

There are draconian and well enforced penalties for illegal beer, cigarettes and alcohol production and sales. Proposition 64 included a ban on highway billboards that advertise cannabis products and businesses. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control had interpreted the language to mean that there could be no cannabis billboard within 15 miles of the California border, but were OK elsewhere. Soon, cannabis billboards started popping up everywhere, including on along 101 Freeway, near San Louis Obispo, where a construction contractor with two kids that frequently used the freeway decided enough was enough and sued. Recommendation from any doctor who is medically licensed in California without visiting the dispensaries as part of the cannabis industry. Aptly named Senate Bill 420, drilled down to all the details needed to successfully and safely run the medical marijuana program in California.

Dissimilar to most Delta 8 strains out there, they splash the Delta 8 distillate equally on the bud so you get a cushy, THC-shrouded bud. Developing like an average Indica half and half with thick bud groups equally appropriated all through the plant. Excellent thick calyxes that occasionally become purple with colder temperatures.

One way or another, Redondo Beach is poised to greenlight marijuana sales within city limits. According to Davis, several customers have also complained about scams related to CBD oils and other hemp products. To date, more than 1,900 users have registered with the online system, and more than 200 applications have been submitted.

California Coming Online For Legal Marijuana

The driver was super awesome and personable and I would 100% recommend their quality. Honestly, have never been so pleased with the shipping and delivery service! Hardest part of growing cannabis for many grower’s is waiting for the right time to harvest. Join with other consumers to watch city meeting agendas, comment cogently for local stores, low prices, and lounges, said Komp. Police can’t use pot’s mere odor to stop young black men, said Bradley, a former officer. Arrests fell 27% to 1,181 in 2019, the lowest since 1954; for a state of 40 million.

You may want to check your local laws for discrepancies on this one, as some jurisdictions have banned any outdoor gardens. Though medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, voters passed the Adult Use Marijuana Act, otherwise known as Prop 64, in 2016. “Adult use” means that the devil’s lettuce, as your conservative aunt used to call it, is what happens if you stop taking cbd oil now legal in California for any adult who wishes to partake, doctor’s recommendation or no. Of course, it still took the state until January of 2018 to begin licensing dispensaries for recreational sales, and a lot of questions remain. It’s been more than 20 years since Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana with the passage of Proposition 215.

With every state but two legalizing marijuana in at least some form, this country is a little bit greener than a few years ago, but now, there are numerous different state laws on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Legal states like California and Colorado offer widely available dispensaries, while in places like Alabama and Georgia, which are technically medical marijuana states, possession still may lead to felonies. Due to the remaining stigmatization of the cannabis plant, the consumer market is relishing wie viel tropfen cbd öl 10 the idea of a thriving California dispensary market and overnight marijuana delivery services. This is because by buying marijuana products through an online dispensary and having it delivered overnight with an overnight marijuana shipping service there is plenty of discretion and consumers do not have to publicly embrace marijuana. The 15 states on this list have either already legalized recreational pot use but have yet to set up selling mechanisms or they have legislation that is currently being considered.

Most of these funds would be required to be spent for specific purposes such as youth programs, environmental protection, and law enforcement. Medical marijuana Initiative 65 was highly supported by Mississippians. But, going into November 3rd, there was considerable uncertainty over whether the measure would be successful. Many members of Mississippi’s legislature opposed bringing medical marijuana to Mississippi, at least in the manner contemplated in Initiative 65. In fact, after Initiative 65 qualified for the ballot, the legislature put a competing medical marijuana measure, called Initiative 65A, on the ballot in what some believed to be an attempt to split the medical marijuana vote.

Everyone responds to CBD oil differently depending on the strain, amount, and person’s receptors with regard to CBD. CBD oil can be used to elevate someone’s mood, reduce inflammation, and treat pain. CBD oil is not usually found on the shelves of Walmart; however, they occasionally have the products available through their website.

With recreational legalization fast approaching, “we don’t have enough of anything,” lamented Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association, a marijuana industry group. The goal would be to minimize use by treating marijuana like tobacco through social denormalization. She stated, “I’ve heard that saying, if California goes then this inevitable that all states will go, but that’s not necessarily true.” Fifth, the previous four factors would increase the tension between state laws and federal law. Journalists, along with supporters and opponents of marijuana legalization, debated whether Proposition 64 was the tipping point for nationwide marijuana legalization.

Retailers, distributors and testing labs were regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Cultivators were under the Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division. The Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch dealt with product manufacturers. In July 2021, all government cannabis agencies were consolidated into the Department of California Cannabis Control. Borghesani, the cannabis consultant, said that these cafes will be subject to similar laws governing dispensaries, i.e., without windows inside to see what’s being sold or big signs advertising the product.

We ensure that all packages are shipped with 100% Maximum Discretion. Products are removed from their original boxes and repacked with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Our company name is not indicated on any package and shipments are sent from various States in the US and also to Europe to ensure maximum discretion and highest probability of successful delivery. As long as your order is pending and your payment is not yet cleared, you can go back to your Account to edit your order or better still place the correct order or call our customer service to replace your order.

Edibles have also become a favorite target of leery law-enforcement and anti-legalization advocates eager to demonstrate cannabis as a menace to the public. Edibles resembling fruit, animals, or humans will be prohibited beginning Jan. 1, and products may not resemble or be referred to as “candy” after that date. Labels can’t have cartoons, images, or other messaging that could potentially appeal to children, and they may not include any kind of health promises or guarantees that aren’t scientifically proven. The health department also reserves the right to ban any future product that it deems appealing to children. When the state’s adult-use market launches Jan. 1, cannabis edibles sold in adult-use dispensaries must be capped at total strength of no more than 100 milligrams of THC. Edibles must also be divided into clearly identifiable servings of no more than 10 milligrams in strength each.

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While Wyoming technically allows the use of CBD oil to treat intractable epilepsy, it provides no means to access it inside the state legally. In 2018, rather than moving toward decriminalization, the legislature tried to increase marijuana penalties. Medical CBD is allowed for those in Indiana with treatment-resistant epileptic conditions, including Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Get all the news and info straight into your inbox that you need to help grow your business. Worsening matters, USPS and private carriers’ employees are offered a “reward” of up to $50,000 for information leading to convictions of persons mailing illegal substances. Even if you are only the recipient of the package, if you knowingly receive marijuana in the mail, your participation in the shipment is enough for you to be charged with conspiracy to distribute an illegal substance.

The city and Berkeley both have some of the most stringent regulations in the state, requiring that medibles cooks follow all the rules of the California Homemade Foods Act (the “cottage food” law) and obtain food handlers’ safety permits. Yet for legal reasons, San Francisco insists that medible ou acheter du cbd a toulouse jams and marshmallows are not a food. “Trust is a very important factor in this industry,” Geraghty adds. Madame Munchie is fortunate in that Martino’s family has been in the cannabis industry for 30 years, so they can reliably obtain high-quality marijuana from a source they know.

Security within a dispensary is a very serious matter, so the moment you enter a cannabis store you will be asked to show a valid form of photo identification. That being said, satisfying the ID requirement for entering a weed shop isn’t too difficult if you’re of legal age. If you’re from the US, we accept various forms of government issued identification, including drivers licenses and military identification cards. If you’re traveling from another country, we also accept passports.

Florida: Tell Your State Legislators It’s Time To Support Cannabis Legalization!

No one cares and no one asks beyond the concern of idiots driving while intoxicated on any substance. Here on Van Isle rents for a one bed apt have increased by anywhere from 200 to 400 a month since legalization of pot. Will California become much more draconian to those that avoid paying the ever increasing marijuana taxes? As in Colorado since legalization, more deaths from driving under the influence, more health care issues and more homelessness. Just need to figure out a way to pry open the world’s largest market, that’s all.

The other two fixings, passionflower, and skullcap, are both strong nervine spices utilized by naturopaths to free uneasiness and side effects from ongoing pressure. All Gold Bee items, including these chewy candies, are produced using naturally developed hemp, which is immediately removed after reap to guarantee the most significant level of strength conceivable in the last concentrate. This brand has been highlighted as the main CBD sticky choice on news sources including SF Weekly, Weed News, Metro Times, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Delta 8 THC makers are going on at max speed since delta 8 THC falls under the meaning of a hemp-inferred item. Nonetheless, on August 20, 2020, the DEA presented an Interim Final Rule, a revision to the 2018 Farm Bill, considering all artificially determined tetrahydrocannabinol a timetable I controlled substance.

Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada all had marijuana legalization measures appearing on the 2016 ballot. Before 2000, marijuana for recreational use had been on the ballot twice in California. Before 1996’s Proposition 215, Proposition 19 was on the ballot in 1972. If approved, it would have made California the first state in the nation to decriminalize marijuana. In February 2016, Probolsky Research found 59.9 percent of respondents favoring marijuana legalization in California. Support was highest among voters aged 18 to 34 at 79.7 percent.

The company even has an added customer support line, so you can always chat with a team member if something happens to go wrong. Buyers get 2 free feminized seeds with every order, 2 free auto-flowering seeds for orders over $75, and 4 feminized / 3 auto flower seeds for free when spending over $140. Shipping time to the U.S. was also better than average, being about 14 days. The handshake agreement also means their prices are comparable to those companies and they won’t offer much in the way of unique discounts. Still, if you want a company based in the United States, and one that’s attentive to your unique requests, you can’t do better or do it faster.

Marine, said that he was drawn to the plant’s medicinal properties in treating PTSD.Accordingly, banks typically won’t issue credit cards or provide banking services to permitted marijuana businesses. “No one is making money anywhere in the supply chain,” he said, noting his own sales have nosedived. Kiloh sees few bright spots in the delta 8 thc pre rolls law that established California’s legal market, beyond a testing program that safeguards quality and programs to expunge old criminal records for marijuana. In October, California law enforcement officials announced the destruction of over 1 million illegal plants statewide but said they were finding larger illicit growing operations.

As maryjane sanctioning has spread all through the U.S., getting weed has never felt more ordinary. Nothing beats a decent THC bloom, particularly when it’s created by ace cultivators like individuals at Botany Farms. Dissimilar to most Delta 8 strains out there, they splash the Delta 8 distillate equally on the bud so you get a soft, THC-shrouded bud.

But in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, that scenario has not played out. Alcohol sales there have increased since cannabis legalization, according to state tax data. And despite the alcohol industry’s opposition to cannabis in Massachusetts and Arizona, in neighboring Nevada the alcohol industry is among the biggest donors to the pro-legalization drive. It has given nearly $88,000 to the pro-legalization campaign, according to the Center for Public Integrity. That’s because approval of Nevada’s initiative would hand alcohol distributors the sole right to sell cannabis for the first 18 months. You’ll want to find a licensed dispensary approved for recreational sale.

It demonstrates that they’re willing to provide a refund if their THC products aren’t up to par. Third-party labs guarantee that the test is completed objectively and unbiasedly. The company will upload clear lab findings for all visitors to see at the most reputable online cannabis businesses.

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VSB County Programs locations online to find your jurisdiction. The address of the office, email, telephone number, and service hours are provided to assist patients. If you complete your request for a replacement card, you will receive an electronic notification when your status has been updated. There is a $10 fee to replace your medical card in California. If you are aged and ready to get your medical card, check this infographic for some tips and steps you can take to apply this week.

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Vape cartridges have become the most popular new type of marijuana products because of their conveniences. Cannabis smokers are replacing their smoking with vaping THC oil carts instead. A pre-filled cart will provide a lot more sessions and do so discreetly with a smell that is faint. No lighter required, these carts are used with vape batteries that either have a button or powered on by taking a hit. Ammiano’s bill comes at a time of growing public support for legalizing marijuana. A recent Zogby poll reported that nearly six in ten west coast voters support taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol.

Until then, however, conflicts between California’s SB-1409 and the USDA’s hemp cultivation regulations will continue to define the future of CBD-rich hemp oil production in California. Without crop insurance, California hemp cultivators were forced to operate at immense risk, which artificially suppressed the hemp oil industry in this state. MAUCRSA specifically tapped the newly-created Bureau of Cannabis Control to regulate both the recreational and medical cannabis markets in this state. But of course, whenever there’s a power shift in California, other semi-relevant state agencies feel they have no choice but to step in and try to exert their authority.

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CBD oil has been studied clinically and has been found to provide a variety of health benefits. Viagra is a drug that binds to enzymes throughout the bloodstream to help maintain an erection. CBD binds to separate receptors located throughout the body and does not impact the body’s blood vessels directly.

In Scott’s words, “The Gay Pride Flag, designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978, is a celebration of queer life, activism, inclusion, and social awareness. For more information on New Jersey’s cannabis laws, click here. In addition, this Q&A has been updated with a summary of the recent MLO license endorsement for brokers and salespersons doing mortgage loans. Legislation C.A.R. advocates for REALTOR® issues in Washington D.C., Sacramento and in city and county governments throughout California.

Aircraft’s Clean Vaporizer hit the California market in early 2021 and wowed customers with its extensive features and sleek design. Compatible with the company’s pod line, the vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating element and consumption controls that help users to take charge of their dosage. In addition to the LI-Polymer, 3.7 V, 330 mAh battery type, which allows for an up to 2 week battery life, the company includes a 1 year warranty. The product, originally only available in Canada, is now available for all LA residents who are able to get their hands on one of the company’s vaporizers.

Royal Queen Seeds is a Dutch seed bank with over 20 years of experience. This seed bank prides itself on its high-quality seeds – bred from organic parents and with a track record of excellent germination rates. Considering the quality, Royal Queen’s low prices make its seeds a particularly good buy – especially considering the additional promos and loyalty program available on its website. Whether you are just starting out or if you’re a veteran grower, Ministry of Cannabis has something for you.

Speaking at a landmark press conference today, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) introduced comprehensive legislation to tax and regulate the commercial production and sale of cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol. This severely impacts businesses and consumers and restricts their access to many services. The MORE act is expected to tax cannabis across the entire country and decriminalize it, but it is yet to pass the senate. The industry is expected to experience more consolidations in 2022. The smaller businesses and industry players cannot make any profits based on the current landscape and operating conditions.

The difference between medical and recreational cannabis is with the purpose of use. If using cannabis to gain relief from pain, inflammation, control your health system, or for nutritional purposes, then yours is medical cannabis. However, if using marijuana to lift your mood, relax, and have fun without any medical condition coming into the picture, then you have recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis has high THC content, which may induce extreme behaviors.

It was believed that the Mexican immigrants, who caused plenty of fear amongst the Americans, had begun to introduce this. Because of the negative association with the immigrants, marijuana began taking on a negative connotation. Toking Times combines subject matter expertise and a passion for cannabis culture to bring you breaking marijuana news and updates on marijuana policy reform (medical and non-medical) in the United States and at a state-level. By a vote of nearly 2 to 1, members of the South Carolina State Senate advanced medical cannabis access legislation, the bipartisan Compassionate Care Act. Generally yes, it is safe to order seeds online from reputable seed banks.

But every year some farmers pushed their luck, planting bigger grows that were destined not for medical coöperatives in California but for the black market. Meanwhile, the medical-marijuana movement spread across the country, with more than a dozen states legalizing medical cannabis by the beginning of the Obama Administration. In 2009, the Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced that the federal government would not put resources toward prosecuting people who complied with their state marijuana laws. Many patients and customers new to buying legal cannabis naturally assume that marijuana dispensaries accept credit and debit cards like any other business.

Reducing illegal activity is considered essential for the success of legal operations who pay the considerable taxes assessed by state and local authorities. Many people do not have nearby retail stores selling cannabis and continue to buy from unlicensed sellers. Raids and confiscation by law enforcement of illegal retail and grow operations has continued and in some cases stepped up after legalization.

This seed bank offers a sizable inventory of over 150 strains – 100% feminized and sourced only from its own in-house breeders. Pacific Seed Bank stands by its seeds, backing them with a 90% germination guarantee. what stores sell cbd oil Even so, Pacific Seed Bank has received a concerning number of negative reviews regarding shipping, customer service, and seed quality – leaving this seed bank with some solid room for improvement.

But there’s a problem; most oils contain at least traces of THC. Well, it hasn’t totally panned out that way yet, at least in California, despite recreational legalization in the state this year. Many people are still buying weed on the illicit market, thanks in part to steep markups and high taxes in legal pot shops, along with local restrictions, according to survey data released Wednesday from marijuana delivery service Eaze. Please click a corresponding link to find out more about New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program. They have been doing business out of Amsterdam since 1995, and have their full inventory available for purchase online, shipping worldwide excluding Australia & Japan. One of the things that makes Nirvana shop such a high quality seed shop is that they don’t just offer marijuana seeds for sale, but they actually breed their own in-house weed strains.

I think lots of smart people have been broadly asking this very question and not come up with a real answer — especially since the black market has made it available everywhere anyway. California tobacco taxes are at about 30% of wholesale price plus federal taxes compared to 15% of retail price for marijuana . Voters have compelled the state of CA via proposition to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana. The will of the residents/taxpayers of CA, not the gov as you put it, has been implemented. However, CA has those fat public retiree pensions they have to fund, so I fully expect more formerly illegal actions to become legalized if they can find ways to tax them. Today’s visit was very enjoyable I was able to bring in my dog for the first time.

Last September, the IERC team surveyed two grow complexes in Lassen National Forest. Together they covered 2.6 square kilometers , the largest site the team has ever seen. There were 30 camps in all, each with cbd oil what does it do its own cache of rodenticide, and more than 65 kilometers of irrigation tubing that sucked up 269,000 liters of spring water a day. As it turns out, survival isn’t the only thing exceptional about the plant.

California Qualification

Here in the “Emerald Triangle”, epicenter of the weed black market, the cops are heavily rumored to sell the “evidence” in pot shops down in S.F.. The reason being as a teenager I smoked enough of this and doing other drugs to sedate an elephant herd. I saw a number of people destroy their lives and dreams doing drugs and alcohol in excess. I have friends that continue with the weed today and notice some changes in them. I don’t believe in advertising this on bill boards, and dangers of excess comsumption should be advertised.

The Senate approved SB 767 in a 20-5 vote on March 9, 2021 but included an effective date more than 100 years in the future. However, the chair of the House Health, Human Services, and Homelessness Committee failed to grant the bill a CBD Snacks hearing before a legislative deadline, thus killing it for the year. The legislature reconvenes on January 19, 2022, and the bills carry over. The majority of the top locations to legally buy weed online provide money-back guarantees.

This dedication to seed breeding produces a high-quality product, which is how they’ve earned their reputation for having high quality seeds. This also means that they are always coming up with new and exciting inventory! Some of their top selling strains include Jock Horror, Bubblelicious, Wonder Woman, and AK48, but who knows what they could introduce next.

Without a valid ID, you won’t be allowed to go enter our cannabis stores or buy anything on the shelves. Being 21 doesn’t mean that you can smoke weed anywhere in the county. California state laws limit marijuana usage to private residences, and some apartment buildings may also be smoke- and vape-free as part of your lease terms.

Urge Your N H State Senator To Support Home Cultivation Of Medical Cannabis!

In Los Angeles, which by some estimates could be a $1 billion marketplace, voters have been strongly supportive of legal pot. Lamented Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association, a marijuana industry group. California’s dispensaries can only sell a maximum of 28.5 grams of cannabis flower to adult-use consumers at once. While some states’ monthly consumptions are tracked, California’s consumers’ intake levels are not. As such, they legally buy up to slightly more than one ounce of flower at dispensaries, though they can’t legally possess it.

Marijuana is not allowed in all states on a federal level; hence, it is unsafe to consume. The best option for you to consume right now is delta 8 THC, which is not only legal on a federal level but also comes in a wide range of products, including candies, edibles, dried flowers, and more. “California has been without regulations for a very long time. So there is going to be a transition period,” he added, referring to the changes coming in 2018 with legal cultivation and sales.

They even maintain a library of books for sale containing over 100 titles regarding the cultivation and consumption of plants, cacti and mushrooms, and the use of psychedelics – both natural and synthetic. This shop has been in operation since 1999, and offers customers great products and a great experience. Payment options include cash, bitcoin, and direct bank transfer. In order to purchase medical marijuana, you have to have a medical marijuana card. In the vast majority of locations, you have to file an application with the local Department of Health.

Frustrated by vetoes of medical cannabis bills in successive years, medical cannabis advocates in California took the issue directly to the voters, collecting 775,000 signatures for qualification of a statewide ballot initiative in 1996. The law also allowed patient caregivers to cultivate cannabis, and urged lawmakers to facilitate the “safe and affordable distribution of marijuana”. On Election Day, eight states voted to legalize recreational or medical marijuana, bringing the nationwide total of medical states to 29. In Florida, medical marijuana won nearly 2 million more votes than Donald Trump. It’s easier now to identify the six states that have done nothing to end the prohibition on marijuana than the ones that are breaking away from the federal law that treats marijuana the same as heroin. Driving under the influence of cannabis is prohibited and, as with alcohol-related offenses, the enforcement and prosecution of most cannabis offenses will be the responsibility of local governments.

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