How to park at the department store in Thailand?

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How to parking at Thailand’s Department Stores


At the department stores in Thailand, there are a variety of parking areas where both inside and outside are available. Every department store has a security guard to guide you when parking the car and provide other services. Now, the technology is advanced by having a sensor to make you know which parking areas are full or available to reduce the waste of time.


There are several zones where you may park your automobile, including:

1.      Lady Parking

It is provided for ladies that are mostly on the second floor of the department store, and security guards are there to provide special services to the women. It is highly safe and appropriate for ladies who drive unprofessionally.

2.      Handicapped Parking

          If there are disabled passengers in the car, the driver may park in this zone. It is closest to the department store’s entrance and has enough space to be comfortable going up and down the car and using a wheelchair.

3.      LPG/NGV Parking

Parking is permitted if you drive an LPG/NGV vehicle. To be more secure, because gas is more harmful than oil.

4.      Super Car Parking

It is also known as the rich zone.  The objective to design this zone is to build a good image of the department store and mostly on the front of the department store, which is crowded with people.

5.      Bicycle Parking

To avoid theft, it is available for bicyclists near the guardhouse.


These are the examples of parking zones in Thailand’s Department Store. There are also other zones such as super bikes, car pools, electric vehicles, family zones, and others that you can find.

How to parking on the department store in Thailand:

1.      Reserving a car into parking spaces

There are many vehicles that simply require parking in the space such as BMW, Mercedez-Banz , Ford EcoSport, Volvo,  and others. Or another name is the European car. Because you need to shift the gear into Park (P). If you select Neutral (N), you may be unable to lock the car.

2.      Pull over parking

Normally, the Japanese brand cars can pull over parking at the department stores since it is very convenient for temporary parking. It is possible to lock the automobile when in Neutral mode (N). Before parking, make sure your car can move and is not on the Park (P).


Before deciding where to park, you should know what types of cars you have to park at the suitable ways to prevent causing trouble for others. It cannot be denied that many people will park near the lift, entrance door, and other facilities in order to be more convenient and comfortable.


These are how to park cars in department stores in Thailand that you should know before. However, if you plan to purchase an automobile to drive in Thailand, I would recommend you to purchase car insurance in Thailand as well to protect you when your car is damaged. Repair costs and other valuable coverage are available if you purchase with Rabbit Care. More information can be read on our website for further consideration.

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