Top Trends of Blockchain Technology

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It is acquainted that blockchain will be going to transform each operation and process across many government sectors and industries only they have followed to it. But, this kind of usage requires time, effort, and money. In addition to the blockchain technology, it will enhance more lenders to find out more skills, each kind of traditional business will need to entirely reexamine these processes to get the maximum advantages from using this technology.

The below-mentioned trends of blockchain technology in 2020 are as follows:

1. Blockchain as a Service (Baas)

One of the most eminent technologies of blockchain trends in 2020 is Baas. It is a newly trended blockchain technology that is currently integrated with several startups as well as enterprises. Baas is merely a cloud-based service allowing users to build their digital products by incorporating with the blockchain technology. The digital products might be Dapps, Guest Posting Smart Contracts, or any other services that can work without setting up and requirements of the complete blockchain-based networks. Some of the companies developing blockchain networks that include Baas services are Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, consequently healthy diet the future of blockchain applications.

2. Federated Blockchain Networks

Blockchain networks are classified into, private, public, federated, or hybrid. The term “Federated (or) Hybrid” Blockchain can be referred to as one of the lastest blockchain trends in the tech-based industry. It was an upgraded form of the basic blockchain model, that make it more ideal for many specific use cases. In this blockchain type, multiple authorities can control the pre-selected nodes of blockchain, instead of only one organization. Now, the selected various nodes will confirm the block so that the transactions can be processed further. In the year 2020, there will be an alteration in use of federated (or) hybrid blockchain as it provides private blockchain networks.

3. Stablecoins

When it comes to bitcoin, generally it has highly volatile. To avoid this stable coin enters the market strongly with the stable value associated with each coin HK Blockchain. Currently, stable coins are in the initial stage and it is to be expected that in the year 2020 stable coins will achieve their all-time high value.

4. Social media Meets the Blockchain Technology

Approximately, there are around 2. 77 billion social media users around the globe in 2019. Introducing blockchain in social media will be able to solve problems like privacy violations, data control, and content meaning. Therefore, merging the blockchain technology with social media is another trendsetting technology in 2020. By implementing this technology in social media, it can be guaranteed that all your social media data remains untraceable and also cannot be duplicated, even if you remove duplicate content the data. Moreover, users can store the data better and also maintain their ownership. This technology makes users feel more safety and also they can control the data like what others want to see.

5. Blockchain With IoT

The internet of Things (IoT) market will look for a redevelopment and also mainly be focussing on security as complex safety challenges nowadays. The amount of internet-connected devices has reached more than 26 million. The hacking of device and IoT networks have become common in 2020. It is up to the network operators who are all need to stop the robbers from doing their business. The current architectural mastery with IoT is one of the main reasons for the weak spot of IoT networks. With the billions of devices are linked with this network and more to be added causes cyber-attacks, which is extremely important to make your network more securable. Blockchain technology gives desire to the IoT networks for many important reasons. The first thing is blockchain is a public network, everybody would participate in the network of nodes of the blockchain network can see the blocks and the transactions are stored and approved by them, users can still have private keys to overpower their transactions which occurs in the network. The second thing is that blockchain is decentralized so that there is no authority that can agree the transactions to avoid SPOF weak spot. Third and most important is, it secures the database only be extended and the previous networks in the records cannot be changed. Many IoT based companies and industries adopt blockchain technology for their business solutions.

6. Blockchain With AI

Integrating AI with blockchain technology will make development much better than before. This integration will show an even of improvement in blockchain technology with enough applications. The IDC suggesting that the global spending on AI will reach $57. 6 billion in 2020 and 51% of the businesses will be making the transactions to AI with blockchain integration. Moreover, AI helps to enhance the blockchain efficiency much better than humans, or even standard calculating. Additionally, blockchain can also make AI more coherent and understandable and also can able to track and find why this decision is made in machine learning. Because Blockchain and its ledger can store all the data that go through a decision made under machine learning. Some of the examples of the applications of AI in Blockchain are Smart Calculating Power, Data Protection, Relying AI Decision Making, and Data Monetization.

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