Truly does Newspaper Selling Give benefit to a brand?

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Advertising is an essential tool for any business to achieve a greater audience. Behind every successful brand lie great advertising campaigns. Even yet in the age of the Internet and broadcast media, newspaper advertising hasn’t lost its importance. In reality, advertising in the newspaper offers many benefits which will make your investment worthwhile. Here is how newspaper advertising helps a brand.

Specific Target Audience

Every brand has a specific target audience. Through newspaper advertising, companies can reach that particular audience. Most newspapers have special sections whose market is founded on events, geography or group. A brand can appeal to the emotional along with the intellectual senses of an individual by producing good and relevant creative for a newspaper advertisement.

Wide Reach

Though penetration of the Internet and broadcast media has increased by leaps and bounds over time, yet there are numerous remote areas where people get to know the events of the world only through newspapers. They are still read by most the folks and this is one of many major explanations why many companies prefer advertising in them. A newspaper is not merely read by the individual buying it, but in addition by members of the family and frequently visitors. Thus, for the exact same circulation, a newspaper’s readership is 3-4 times or even more, giving the newspaper ad a greater audience then what its circulation suggests.

Newspaper Advertisement can be viewed Multiple Times

A newspaper advertisement can be viewed multiple times. People may miss a specific advertisement on television or radio, but it’s very hard to ignore a sizable size advertisement in a newspaper. The reader can go by way of a newspaper advertisement taking his own time and will even re-read and archive it for future reference. This proves fruitful for the brand.


Newspaper advertisements offer great flexibility to firms in terms of content, design, placement and frequency. A business can promote its brand in many ways in newspapers. naija news The display classified section clearly groups an ad in terms of nature and day of the week. A normal display advertisement gives the flexibility of choosing any page in the newspaper. You can change the creative for different insertions in the campaign period while advertising in newspapers and even promote last-minute deals.


Among the biggest features of advertising in newspapers is that it is still quite cheap when compared with electronic media. Emerging brands may not have adequate funds to undertake an advertising campaign on television and radio. The sole option left for them may be the newspaper and mostly for the good. Newspaper campaigns could be tailored according to any budget.

Advertising through newspapers is incredibly beneficial, particularly for business owners who want to increase their brand recognition and value. In broadcast media, it becomes very difficult to stand out in the crowd with limited budgets. There are numerous who start their day with a pot of tea and a newspaper.

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